Happy S.A.D! Reply


Avalyn Walton

Valentine’s Day. It’s the day to show love, appreciation, and possibly most notably, a day to spend time with your significant other. However, not all of us have a significant other, so when do the single people of the world get to rejoice?

Well as it turns out, the day after Valentine’s Day (February 15th), is the perfect day for that. It’s called Single’s Awareness Day, or S.A.D, and it’s a day for all the single people in the world to rejoice after the blow of Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day can make single people feel left out or forgotten, and S.A.D is the perfect way to undo that feeling. It allows single people to come together and celebrate a more platonic love of friendship, or no love at all.

Believe it or not, some people go all out on this holiday and really let the world know that they are proud to be single. To do this, some people will wear green on the holiday as green is the opposite color of red. Some people, however, choose to wear black to symbolize the absence of celebration.

Some participants even go as far as to buy themselves flowers and candies. Contrary to what you may believe though, the participants don’t do this out of self-pity. They do it as a way to express that they don’t need to be in love to love themselves.

So if you aren’t currently in a relationship, feel free to celebrate Single’s Awareness Day. And to everyone who will be celebrating, have a happy S.A.D!

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