Pennies for Patients Reply

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Mariah Escatel

Meet five-year-old Amari. He was diagnosed with precursor B-cell lymphoblastic leukemia in October 2015. Heroes like Amari should never fight cancer alone.

Stacey students are helping patients like Amari this year by participating in the Pennies for Patients charity fundraiser. The fundraiser began Feb. 5th and runs until Feb. 23rd, and the goal is to receive $2,018.

This fundraiser, however, isn’t for the PTSA or for the homeless. It is going to be donated to find effective cancer therapies for the LLS, or Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

This isn’t the first time Stacey has raised money for this worthy cause, although Stacey’s leadership class hasn’t elected to participate for a couple of years. This year, Stacey’s leadership students have been encouraging students to participate.

Stacey students received flyers and their own box to fill with pennies (or really any coins or bills). Students are encouraged to tell their parents about the fundraiser and search their houses for change. There is also a link,, where people can donate.

Kira Temple, an eighth-grader says, “It makes me so happy to hear that my school is apart of such a beautiful thing. I haven’t filled my entire box YET, but I’m planning on it.”

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