Ask Sam: Valentine Crisis 2

Dear Sam,

The Valentine’s Day dance is coming up… and still, NOBODY has asked me! I know that I shouldn’t be worried about superficial things like getting asked to a middle school dance but, I AM!!!! All I want is someone to ask me to the dance. I like to know that people like me. Is that a crime???? Anyways I have a crush on this boy and I am positive he likes me, but I don’t want to ask him out because it just doesn’t feel right. Isn’t the boy supposed to ask the girl? What am I supposed to do? I’m kind of in a crisis!


Valentine’s Day Crisis

Dear Valentine’s Day Crisis,

You’re right, you shouldn’t be worrying about superficial things like dances, but it’s ok to have a crush, and it’s ok to want someone to ask you to the dance. You shouldn’t have to wait for this guy to ask you, you should ask him. Who cares if “traditionally” according to “so and so” the boy is “supposed” to ask the girl. Change the rules!!




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