YouTuber of the Week: Miranda Sings 12

Gavin Mercado

With YouTube and Netflix becoming the top two things on the internet, we here at Journalism are starting a new series called, “YouTuber of the Week.”

Here we will choose a YouTuber by popularity and fame school-wide. The YouTubers on this series are ones that you should definitely check out! So let’s get into our first YouTuber, Miranda Sings!

Miranda Sings has been on YouTube just about since YouTube started in 2004. Her real name is Colleen Ballinger. Colleen also has two other YouTube channels titled PsychoSoprano and Colleen Vlogs. Both popular.

Now let’s get into Miranda. Obviously, Miranda is a fictional character made up by Colleen. Colleen created Miranda to make fun of girls who placed themselves above others. At first, only her friends were watching these crazy videos, but the popularity began, and Miranda now has almost nine million subscribers! That is the same as the population of New York City!

Now you may be wondering, what does Miranda do on her channel? Miranda does some very strange stuff… she sings, dances, and makes “booger slime.” She is basically a two-year-old in a 22-year-old’s body. One of her videos titled, “Where My Bae’s At?”, is her most popular video uploaded, reaching over 27 million views!

Miranda also posts videos with her baes. Her baes include Tyler Oakley, Ricky Dillon, Kory DeSoto, and of course Joey Graceffa. Which she calls “Joey Graceficanifaca.” Yes, that is actually what she calls her own “bae.”

Miranda Sings is definitely an aspiring YouTuber. Not inspiring, however. Her videos are entertaining and the stupidity will make you just laugh.

Did you like this YouTuber of the week? Please comment below about what YouTuber you would like to see next week. Until next time, Cougars. Have a great day!



  1. Andy the cool + nerdy 8th grader who has 2nd lunch M-Th, 1st lunch Friday but really wanted to have 2nd lunch every day says:

    I’m so surprised that Miranda Sings is still popular, because she was popular when I was in the 6th grade.


  2. I will research him tomorrow, I already have finished the article for next week, but I will consider him for the following week 🙂


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