In Depth: Eagles and Patriots 1

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Ashley Wolf

The Super Bowl is a big event for football lovers all over the US. This year the top teams are the Philadelphia Eagles and The New England Patriots. Let’s get to know these two teams a little better.

Home Stadiums

Both of these teams have great home stadiums. The Eagles home stadium is Lincoln Financial Field, which is also home to the Temple Owls football team of Temple University.  It is a large stadium with a seating capacity of 69,176.

The Patriots home stadium is Gillette Stadium, which is also the home of MLS’s New England Revolution soccer team. In 2012, it also became the home stadium for the football program of  University of Massachusetts (UMass), while the universities stadium, Warren McGuirk Alumni Stadium, was undergoing renovations. Slightly smaller than Lincoln Financial Field, this stadium has a seating capacity of 65,878.

Team Colors, Uniforms, and Mascots

The colors and uniforms of a team are one of the most recognizable parts of a team. The Patriots sport the colors navy blue, red, silver, and white. Their mascot is Pat Patriot, who sports a jersey with the number 1, the number was previously 0 until a fan approached team owner Robert Kraft and asked if the number could be changed. Here are the team’s uniforms.

Screenshot 2018-02-01 at 3.43.39 PM.png

The Eagles wear the colors of midnight green, black, silver, and white. Their mascot is named swoop, and he is an American bald eagle who wears an Eagle’s jersey with the number 00. Swoop is best known for his crazy stunts at home games, such as zip lining across the field and parachuting into the stadium. Here are their uniforms

Screenshot 2018-02-01 at 3.42.55 PM

Super Bowl Past

The Patriots and the Eagles have played against each other in the Super Bowl before in 2004 (Patriots won 24-21). With this Super Bowl coming up, let’s talk about the past Super Bowls for each of these teams.  

This Super Bowl will be the 10th appearance for the Patriots.  Here is a list of their appearances and the scores of the games:

  • 1985, lost 46-10 to the Bears
  • 1998, lost 35-21 to Packers
  • 2001, won 20-17 over Rams
  • 2003, won 32-29 over Panthers
  • 2004, won 24-21 over Eagles
  • 2007, lost 17- 14 to Giants
  • 2011, lost 21- 17 to Giants
  • 2014, won 28-24 over Seahawks
  • 2016, won 34- 28 over Falcons

The Eagles haven’t been to as many Super Bowls, and haven’t won any either, causing an outbreak of memes. Here is a list of the scores and years of the games:

  • 1981, lost 27-10 to Raiders
  • 2004, lost 24-21 to Patriots

(Here is an example of a meme about the Eagles and the Super Bowl)

Screenshot 2018-02-01 at 3.42.21 PM

Now that you, hopefully, know a little more about the teams,  who are you rooting for? Have a great Super Bowl Sunday, Cougars!

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