Barbie: Average? Reply

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Caitlyn Timmons

Mattel, a toy company, has been praised for the release of three new Barbie dolls- curvy, petite, and tall. The new dolls have been released in the US, but how close do they come to representing the average young woman?

Say the word “Barbie,” and you will probably imagine a thin doll with perfectly done makeup, long blonde hair, and little pink clothes. This is the image that little girls intend to see themselves as, ‘perfect’ or ‘beautiful.’ Is this what we want kids thinking as beautiful?

“Well, with the old Barbies, being a brunette, it was really hard to find a brunette Barbie. I mean there was always one, the Theresa Barbie, and I have like seven of those because I thought that they looked like me because it had brown hair, but realistically it never did look like me, and it made me have like bad body image thoughts like that’s what a girl should have looked like and that I needed to lose weight being a fourth-grader,” says Mariah Escatel, eighth-grader.

Recently, Mattel released three new Barbie figures. Adding on to Original Barbie, there is curvy barbie, tall barbie, and petite barbie. The most recent Fashionistas line also features an array of different skin tones to represent many different ethnicities.

Mariah adds, “I think that the new Barbies are a positive representation of what a girl’s body should look like.”

Mattel has hoped for the best with this big step, hoping to bring a positive notion towards all different types of girls and boys growing up in this society.

The new Barbies have been met with a mostly positive response. How do you feel about the new Barbie sizes? Leave your opinions in the comments, and remember, respect other people’s opinions.

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