Will We Make It To The Wizard? Reply

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Avalyn Walton

Almost everyone has seen The Wizard of Oz at some point in their life; it’s a classic after all. The fantastic story of a young girl who travels into a distant and wondrous world is timeless. How could you not enjoy being able to see a girl’s ordinary life be turned extraordinary so quickly?

This timeless story might just be in trouble, though. As many already know, West Arts Productions is hosting the show The Wizard of Oz this February 1st, 2nd, 8th, and 9th. Unfortunately, though things haven’t been smooth sailing.

According to both Mariah Escatel, one of the Glinda’s of the show and an eighth-grader here at Stacey, there very well may not be a show on time. Here’s what Mariah had to say on the topic, “You should really come see the show but, to be honest, I’m a little bit muddled. Okay, so we’ve barely finished act one and tech week is next week and our show is in less than two weeks. We might not make it, but you should still come see the show. I know it’s gonna be a great show, and we will most likely make it in the end. ” Many think that Mariah’s concern is reasonable. As previously mentioned, the show is just around the corner.

Caitlyn Timmons, another eighth-grader at Stacey associated with the production, also was quoted saying that, “It’s a great foundation for musical theatre. It’s great if you really want to get into doing something after school.” West Arts is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping young children find love for musical theatre.

Many don’t blame West Arts for running slightly behind schedule. The people at West Arts have to manage around 50 kids, some being as young as five years old. And most people know, it’s not the easiest task in the world to get a five-year-olds attention.

Alexa Miller Hartenburg, a seventh-grader who’s been cast to play Dorothy in the upcoming show, says that West Arts Productions, “Is so much fun. We are like one big family, and I can always rely on the people in the group. If I’m ever feeling sad, the people in West Arts pick me up. And I am sure the show will turn out great.” If that group doesn’t sound like they can put on an amazing show, I don’t know what does.

West Arts have also put on amazing shows in the past. The same Mariah Escatel I mentioned previously has also said, “West Arts has been a great theatre production place, I really enjoyed being a part of The Lion King Jr. It was a really fun play with great costumes, and we weren’t rushing towards a deadline.”

Obviously, West Arts Productions has the ability to bring classic stories to life, and I have no doubt they will do the same with The Wizard Of Oz. So if you are free, come follow the yellow brick road with us and see the show. You have nothing to lose, but you very well may see an amazing show.

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