Kill Them With Kindness! Reply

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Mia Grasse

As most of you already know, the week of January 22 through the 26 is Kindness Week, but that doesn’t mean we should only be nice one week of the year. Kindness Week is about reminding us to be kind to everyone every day. So, here’s the real question, how can we be more kind?

   Have you ever teased someone because they are different?

   Have you ever spread mean rumors or gossiped about another person?

   Have you ever posted something mean on social media about another person?

Well, this might shock you, but those examples are not considered nice. So during Kindness Week, make sure to remind yourself of the real meaning of kindness. describes kindness as, “the quality of being friendly, generous, and considerate.” During Kindness Week think of some ways you can be kind in school, in your neighborhood, and just in your life in general.

However, there is more to kindness than just words. Usually, when people think of kindness they think of complementing or thanking someone but really, kindness is so much more than that. One famous quote says, “I don’t believe what you say. I believe what you do.”

There is so much truth to that little quote. Most people will say “actions speak louder than words,” so what are you going to do that will grab people’s attention? What are you going to do that will make people look at you as an example of what kind people should act like?

“Many people would be scared if they saw in the mirror, not their faces… but their character” – unknown.

Would you be one of those people?

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