Construction Crazy Stacey!: Winter Edition Reply

Screenshot 2018-01-25 at 9.08.55 AM

Madelyn Fracassa

During winter of 2017, construction really has gotten crazy. Good and bad things have both happened.

Around the middle of October, it was really windy, so the construction workers were supposed to water the dirt down. That did not happen, so it became a major health concern for all the kids in Physical Education class, especially the kids with asthma. Dirt should definitely not be blowing in the air as Stacey students run the mile, play volleyball, throw footballs, and so much more.

According to Mrs. DeBritton, “Even though there are some safety concerns, they [the construction team] are starting to work on weekends.”

The crew is now working on the weekends as well to make sure they get the gym done. At the beginning of the year, the gym finish date was pushed back because of all the rain in early spring, but now that they’ve begun working more, the time is beginning to move back to the original date. “The gym is supposed to be done by spring if there are no mistakes,” said Mrs. DeBritton.

But wait, there’s more! The construction team is working not just one, but two shifts on the weekends. This is sure to speed up the process.

There is not an exact date on the opening of the gym, but it is supposed to be shortly after spring break is over. Just in time for the eighth-graders to graduate inside the gym.

In the end, even with the setbacks, the construction team is making up for it by working harder and longer.

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