December 21, Not Your Average Thursday 14

Mariah Escatel

The journalism class held their second annual holiday party, as well as a farewell party to their student teacher, Miss Quijas.

The idea to have a Christmas party was originally brought up last year by students Mariah Escatel and Averi Farren.

Along with the “tradition” party came the “traditional” secret Santa. With a price limit of 10-15 dollars, students brought their best to one another.

“It definitely takes a lot of work to simply pull names out of a hat. Last year we had to re-do the secret Santa drawing portion about five times, this year we only had to redo about three. We always seem to get so etching wrong, but the result is glamorous,” says Averi Farren.

With cupcakes, Mrs. Quijas rice crispy treats, fruit and much more treats the students had a blast.

Although it was fun, it was also a farewell party for Ms. Walters’s student teacher, Miss Quijas.

Ms. Quijas had finished her training and is now ready to venture off and become a teacher. She was showered with gifts and cards showing her student’s support. Even though students are sad that she is leaving, they are proud that she will finally become a full-time teacher.

“Miss Quijas, Ummm, she definitely will be missed. I don’t know it’s kind of bittersweet because on one hand were losing her, but on another, she’s moving on to higher places and has so many opportunities,”  says Caitlyn Timmons, an 8th-grade journalism student.


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