Trump Tower Catches Fire! Emergency! 3

Screenshot 2018-01-16 at 8.48.39 AM

Kevin Luu

The sight of smoke on the rooftop of a building and citizens of New York distraught brought back traumatic memories on January 8th. It was the Trump Tower in New York on fire. The fire was caused because of an electrical issue.

Eric Trump, executive vice president of the Trump Organization and one of President Trump’s sons, tweeted that the fire was caused by an electrical issue. “There was a small electrical fire in a cooling tower on the roof of Trump Tower.”

The New York Fire Department was here within minutes and did an incredible job,” he tweeted. “The men and women of the #FDNY are true heroes and deserve our most sincere thanks and praise!”

The fire department was called around 7 a.m. because Secret Service agents spotted a fire on top of Trump’s New York City home. Aerial shots showed firefighters on the roof, with smoke billowing in one corner.

The Fire Department reported three injuries, two of which were not life-threatening. “We were able to extinguish the fire without any problems within the building. Everything went according to plan,” said Manhattan Borough Commander Asst. Chief Roger Sakowich.

It wasn’t dangerous, but there were some injuries. One of them was a firefighter that got hit with debris and got transported to the hospital. The two people were building employees that were evacuated at the scene for smoke inhalation, but they refused medical treatment.


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