Recap of 2017 3

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Ashley Wolf and Gwyndalynn Kent

2017 was a great year with tons to look back someday in the future. Here are some of the most memorable events, posts, and other moments of 2017.


Music of 2017 was pretty great. Just wait 50 years from now, people born in this generation will be telling their grandchildren “Back in my day we all listened to Ed Sheeran songs and Despacito.” Speaking of Ed Sheeran and Despacito, Ed Sheeran’s song “Shape of You” was the most streamed song of 2017 with Despacito as a close second.

Social Media and YouTube

Social Media and YouTube had some ups and downs in 2017, here are some of the most liked and disliked posts on these platforms in 2017.

The most liked tweet of the year 2017 was tweeted by Barack Obama and it has 4.6 million likes, it says “No one is born hating another person because of the color of his skin or his background or his religion…” this was posted on August 12th of 2017.
Most disliked youtube video of 2017 was Jake Pauls “It’s Everyday Bro” with 3.29 million dislikes, which is 59.37% of all of the likes and dislikes combined. And it included the iconic phrase of 2017 “England is my City”. It is not the most disliked video ever though, that video happens to be “Baby” by Justin Bieber with 8.6 million dislikes in 2010.
The most liked video on youtube is Despacito by Luis Fonsi featuring Daddy Yankee with 25.34 million likes but it just so happens to also have 2.79 million dislikes.
The most liked Instagram post was  Beyoncé’s iconic pregnancy photo, with 11.1 million people double-tapping on this iconic photo.


Google announced Hurricane Irma as the most popular search of 2017 in not only the United States but worldwide.

2017’s most popular Halloween costumes included Pennywise and Georgie from the remake of It, the characters from Stranger Things, and searches for yellow dresses have spiked since the release of La La Land and Beauty and the Beast whose leading ladies sported the color.

2017 was surprisingly a big year for Logan and Jake Paul because they managed to stay motivated even with all of the hate that some people gave them. The Paul brothers took over YouTube after growing in popularity because of good old Vine (RIP VINE). When Vine ended, it led them to making YouTube videos and later starting daily Vlogging. Towards the end of the year, Logan lost around 10,000 fans because of his vlog where he shows a disturbing image and laughed about suicide.

Random things that became popular were things such as slime and fidget spinners. Fidget Spinners were banned from many schools because they were considered distractions to the students. Later in 2017, people started saying that the borax that most people use to make slime was causing burns, which caused the slime popularity to go down. Oh, well.



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