What is Journalism? 2017-2018 1

Gwyndalynn Kent and Mia Grasse

Stacey Middle School has a plethora of electives to choose from. For the people who didn’t choose Journalism as their elective are missing out. Some people think that Journalism is boring because all you do is write, but to the Journalism students, it is much more than that. Journalism students believe that Journalism is an opportunity to provide people with information about what’s going on at our school.

Journalism is a fun class where the students will write about news about the school and other things to keep the Stacey Middle Schoolers updated on any interesting news.

In Journalism, writing an article each week is not our only assignment, we also have to keep up with our beat sheet and editors guides. Here are what some of the journalism students think about their chosen elective.

“Journalism is an opportunity to express who you are through writing,” says 8th grader Caitlyn Timmons who often does the announcements in her enthusiastic voice.

“Journalism has an exciting environment that I think makes it really fun and interesting to be a part of. It’s helped me become a much better writer and realize how much false information is in the media,” spoken by seventh-grader,  Avalyn Walton.

Journalism is a fun way to express your feelings through words and share them with the school. It may be an academic elective, but it is so much fun. We get to have parties and do the announcements. I hope you will understand how important journalism is to the journalism students and will consider it as an elective next year.

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