It Must Have Mali-Boomed Away! Reply

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Gavin Mercado

Welcome to our second official article in “DisNews,” a Stacey exclusive series where we talk about the news of the past and present of Disneyland. Today we will be focusing on California Adventure!

On February 8, 2001, Disney’s California Adventure opened to the public. This new park was supposed to bring the highlights of California to you all in one day! There were lands called Condor Flats, Grizzly Peak, Hollywood Land . . . and of course the infamous Paradise Pier. Now Paradise Pier has many rides, such as Toy Story Midway Mania, California Screamin, Mickey’s Fun Wheel, Goofy’s Sky School, and many, many others. However, before these attractions even came to the parks, Disney’s California Adventure was a flop!

A week after its opening, Disneyland still had higher attendance numbers than this new park. One of these reasons was the very unpopular Maliboomer. Now we’re getting to the fun stuff. This ride was almost like the present Guardians of the Galaxy: Mission Breakout, except . . . Well, worse. You see, the ride had little to no scenery. All it did was launch you straight up and didn’t even really drop you back down. The ride lasted less than 1 minute. Not quite a fan-favorite.

The removal of this ride was part of 2010’s Paradise Pier re-theme. I say they made the right decision taking this ride out, and scrapping it. However, many would have liked to see something else take its place. They are doing this now with the new Pixar Pier, where they will be inserting a brand new Inside Out themed flat ride. Paradise Pier will be closing January 8th, 2018.

Now that we have that adjourned let’s get to some more “present” news. This isn’t really news, just rumors for the time being, and rumors are obviously not 100% true. But I think there is a good chance this could actually happen! Think of this: Marvel Land! Still not catching on? Well, our journalism crew has found some pictures of a vehicle listed to California that could quite possibly be a “Spiderman” themed attraction. This vehicle can swing from side to side to cause a very thrilling sensation.

It’s also been speculated that there could be a Captain America rollercoaster in this rumored land that could be like the new Guardians of the Galaxy attraction coming to Epcot in 2019-2020.

Now many are probably wondering the same question right now… Why Marvel? Well, Marvel seems to be getting a lot of attention from Disney recently. One, there are Marvel movies coming out every 2 months or so, and two, the parks are getting attention from Marvel being Guardians of the Galaxy: Mission Breakout, all the way to the Tron attraction in Shanghai.

Many are also wondering where this new land could be. Many may be sad, others will be glad (no rhyme intended), but good ol’ Bug’s Land. Yes, the not so popular spot where you can hang out with Flik and friends. This area is most definitely not popular, nor are its attractions. Most are made for smaller kids. But, this land is supposedly so big, it could not fit in such a small amount of space as Bug’s Land does.

It would also be behind the area where Guardians of the Galaxy: Mission Breakout is. Don’t you worry, Guardians isn’t going anywhere. However, rumor has it, Guardians will break off from Hollywood Land and join good old Spidey.

Now let’s get to the fate of Hollywood Land. Don’t get me wrong, this is my favorite land in Disney’s California Adventure. However, it is bound to go soon. Most people figure if Guardians join the rumored Marvel Land, Hollywood Land will become nothing. All that would be left is the Monster’s Inc attraction, which is not the most popular attraction in California Adventure.

At this point, Hollywood Land is bound to leave us. What can replace Hollywood Land you may ask? I believe this could be a super expansion of Marvel Land. What if Marvel Land were to take over Bug’s Land, the back of Guardians, and Hollywood Land?

It would be crazy, and most definitely cut down land at California Adventure. The popularity of California Adventure would drop significantly. Why? This is because of Guardians of the Galaxy: Mission Breakout is one of the most popular rides at California Adventure. This ride would be forced to close for construction.  

There is way too much going on– All of this talk is making me hungry. I’m going to grab a Dole Whip. See you next time!


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