One Snowy Carnival? Reply

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Gavin Mercado

Did you go to the One Snowy Night dance? If you did, you may have seen some carnival games set up at the dance. These games were provided by Stacey’s Builders Club. There were two games available for you to play.

One of the games was called “Three Snowy-Hoops”, in which players had three wreaths. The Builders Club members and board members instructed the players to throw the wreaths like frisbees. There were cones as well, and every time a wreath was rung around a cone, the player earned one raffle ticket. They also won a pencil and eraser.

The second game was called “Icicle Toss”. This was a tossing game (as the title implies). Players had three hula hoops. If they made one or less around the “icicle” they would get nothing. If they made two, they would get an eraser. Last, if they made all three, players would have gotten a pencil and maybe an eraser as long as the club wasn’t running out. They would have also gotten a raffle ticket, so long as they landed at least one hula hoop.

The president of Builders Club, Rachel Nguyen, says, “I think these games are perfect to help raise money for Builders Club and charities.” Thao Le, the Vice President of Builders Club, agrees. 

If you would like to check out Builders Club, stop by in B3; We are still accepting members! We are also accepting donations. The money donated will go directly to the club’s renewal fee and charities across California.

(Builders Club Website)

All in all, Builders Club has made enough money to renew the club for next year, as well as donate money to charity. Builders Club’s goal was to raise $75. They raised $82. That’s a lot of pencils and erasers. Well, until next week, have a great day!

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