Seal Beach Parade Reply

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Kevin Luu

The Seal Beach Parade took place at the Seal Beach pier at December 1st. The parking lot was loaded with cars, so parking was hard to find. In the parade, there were up to one hundred and six lineups waiting to march including Cub Scouts, bands, and Santa Claus! The parade’s theme was “The Magic of Christmas.”

The parade was produced by the Seal Beach Lions Foundation with support from the City of Seal Beach. More than three thousand, five hundred people in one hundred six entries entertained approximately fifteen thousand people throughout the three block route from the pier to the Pacific Coast Highway.

The parade was in “continuous motion,” so the entries could not slow down or stop at any point during the parade. The parade started at 7 pm, and it ended at 8:30 pm. Chairs were set up for people to watch the parade. 

There were lots of sponsors, including the Impact Dance Center and Marley’s Preschool.

At 5 pm, streets closed around the Main Street Parade Route: Ocean Avenue between 11th and 8th, Central Avenue between 10th and 8th, Electric Avenue between 10th and 8th, and 10th Avenue between Electric and the Pacific Coast Highway.

This was the parade’s thirty-eighth anniversary. Each entry had its own entertainment, whether it was music or dancing along the three-block route. Everyone was ecstatic and can’t wait for the 2018 Seal Beach Parade!

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