Boy Scouts are Allowing Girls to Join, and Many are Against (Poll) 16

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Avalyn Walton

Over the years, Boy Scouts has been a place where little boys get introduced to nature and how to survive in it. It gives rowdy young boys a place to test their courage and strength. However more recently, girls have wanted the opportunity to join too. And believe it or not, everyone is not completely open to allowing girls to join.

Most people are aware that typically, boys join Boy Scouts and girls join Girl Scouts. The boys and girls are separated and stay separate. To some, it might not even make sense as to why a girl would want to be a Boy Scout when Girl Scouts are already available.

But Girls Scouts is completely different from Boy Scouts. Girl Scouts focuses more on crafts and being a good citizen. They do typically girly things, and though many girls find that appealing, some do not.  Whereas Boy Scouts are all about being outdoors and in nature while getting dirty and having rough and tumble fun. Some girls simply think they would prefer the Boy Scout experience.

Either way, girls are now allowed to join Boy Scouts. Girls will have the ability to go all the way from a Cub Scout, to the highly praised Eagle Scout just as the boys have been able to for years. The journey won’t be made easier for the girls though, it will remain equal to the experience the boys receive.

However, girls will not be able to join everywhere, only certain packs are allowing the girls this experience. And the combinations for whether or not a girl can join seems endless. Some packs aren’t allowing girls to join at all, some packs are allowing girls to join a specific den where they won’t mix with the boys, and some packs will let the girls join whatever den they want, and mix freely with the boys.

Now that girls are allowed into Boy Scouts, a lot of people are against it saying that girls should stick to Girl Scouts. In contrast, some people are thrilled at girls getting equal opportunities to boys. They believe it shows how we as people have grown to accept girls in all the situations that boys are accepted as well.  What is your opinion? Answer the poll below to let us know.


  1. I definitely think they should be allowed in “Boy” Scouts, but I also think boys should be allowed in “Girl” Scouts if they want. I don’t believe in gender roles, or even really gender for that matter.


  2. Girls shouldn’t be allowed in Boy Scouts. It’s in the name. A better option might be to put boy scout activities in Girl Scouts, or vice versa, because that seems to be what people care about more than who they are with (or so it seems).


  3. Boy scouts is for boys. Girl scouts are for girls. Boy means boy and girl means girl. If a female really wants to do things like what the boy scouts do, they should try to persuade girls scouts to do camping, wood shop, ect. If they really want to be in a mixed gender group join boys and girls club. It’s not that hard.


      • I recall adding 3 options not 2. Sometimes in boy scouts they talk about “Life” (puberty and male issues) and the same with girl scouts. Again, this is invading privacy and there are limits.


      • Andy the cool + nerdy 8th grader who has 2nd lunch M-Th, 1st lunch Friday but really wanted to have 2nd lunch every day says:

        Please respect your opinions, but sorry, not all opinions get respected in the Boy Scouts.:)


      • Why is it sad? Some girls don’t want to sell cookies and make bracelets they want to be outdoors and do other cub scout stuff


      • i think if all girls want is to do outdoorsy stuff and sell popcorn, they should put boy scout activities in girl scouts. then everyone’s happy.


      • Yeah, I don’t want to be offensive, but I HATED Girl Scouts as a kid. I always wanted to be a part of something like that, but baking cookies just wasn’t my thing. I like the kinds of things they do in Boy Scouts better. But, at the time, I couldn’t join. And it’s not just that. My brother wanted to join Boy Scouts when he was younger, but the only person who could take him was my mom, and for that reason, he couldn’t join. The separation of genders does far more harm than good.


  4. I think that girls are stereotyped way too much and that we should have a chance to show that we can take care of ourselves. Boys have always had to “take care of the girls,” but now in modern times, most girls don’t necessarily need a guy to take care of us because we can do perfectly fine by ourselves. I get it from a boy’s perspective that it might seem like we are trying to “take over,” but we are just trying to have these fun experiences that boy scouts have. I think there should be boy scouts that are just boys, some that are just girls, or some that are both. Also, guys should be able to do girl scouts as well so that we can all be equal.


  5. Well, men are stereotyped way more than women, especially in social media. Men never had to “take care” of women, it’s both genders taking care of each other. In addition, I am a female and I feel like it is invading privacy to let girls join boy scouts. They also talk about personal stuff; “Boy problems” and they have the right to keep that to their own gender. This is definitely invading privacy on a whole other level.


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