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Gavin Mercado

Equality: It’s the foundation of America and arguably the most important virtue in the world. Whether it is gay rights, religious freedom, race, or even polygamy, we’ll fight for it with everything in us. Lately, there’s been an uproar from the general public concerning the treatment and senseless killing of Muslims, LGBT people, and people of color.

Some teachers, such as Ms. Walters and Mrs. Redmond, are showing their American pride by taping Hate Has No Home Here posters on their walls.  Poster or no, all of Stacey’s teachers want their students to feel safe in their classrooms.

Ms. Walters says, “No one should ever feel that being different makes them less than anyone else. We are all different in so many ways. Those who think it is ok to target a student for abuse due to any aspect of who they are, are just wrong.”

Over time, when feeling unaccepted, a person’s self-esteem can erode and they can fall into depression or begin to self-harm. In the extreme case, those who are feeling unaccepted can choose suicide as a way out.

If you are having suicidal thoughts because of LGBTQ+ related problems, please click the link below. It will get better.

LGBT Hotline – https://www.glbthotline.org/national-hotline.html – LGBT Hotline

Even ABC is kicking in with this equality showdown between the states. As their very popular T.V show, What Would You Do, tests random strangers from around the country to see what they will do when faced with decisions or products that may limit others’ freedom or go against their morals. If you want to watch the video, please click the link below. (Do not watch on Chromebook; WSD has blocked it. Watch on a smartphone or other device.)


Equality Timeline


The Supreme Court in New Jersey declares that same-sex couples are entitled to the same rights and benefits as heterosexual couples. The Legislature decides to legalize civil unions.

Eight states across the U.S. pass laws banning same-sex couple marriages.


Connecticut Supreme Court rules that same-sex couple have the right to get married.

Supreme Court in the state of California overrules ban on same-sex couple marriage, legalizing the marriage between same-sex couples, but soon after public votes to approve a constitutional amendment (Prop 8) to end gay marriage.


Lawmakers in the states of Vermont, Washington D.C., and New Hampshire legalized same-sex marriage. Iowa Supreme Court overturns the state’s ban on same-sex marriage.


Legislature in the state of New York approves same-sex marriage.

The Pentagon’s “don’t ask, don’t tell’ policy is revoked.


The states of Maryland, Washington, and Maine become the first states in the U.S. where the public voted to legalize same-sex marriage.


The United States Supreme Court overturns Proposition 8 in the state of California, resulting in the re-introduction of legal same-sex marriages in California.


In the case of, Obergefell v. Hodges, the Supreme Court rules that the Fourteenth Amendment to the constitution demands a state to license a marriage between two people of the same-sex and to recognize marriages between two people of the same sex when their marriage was lawfully licensed and performed in another state. This ruling legalized same-sex marriage in the United States.

Credit: (History Timeline of Marriage)

Equality is a work in progress topic. One day, however, we will reach the point where everyone is equal. No matter what you believe, no matter what you are, no matter who you are, you are accepted here.


  1. Andy the cool + nerdy 8th grader who has 2nd lunch M-Th, 1st lunch Friday but really wanted to have 2nd lunch every day says:

    “One day, however, we will reach the point where everyone is equal,” Too equal or equal enough?


    • There’s no such thing as “too equal”. There is a way, however, for the pendulum to swing too far. For instance, fifty years ago, men had more rights than women. Now, for things to be equal, women and men should have the exact same rights and opportunities. But if women had more opportunities than men, that would be unfair and unjust. I assume that’s what you mean by “too equal”, but I just wanted to clarify.


  2. People are allowed to have their own opinions. If you are homophobic, support LGBT, feminist, you be you. In today’s society people are too sensitive and forget that people have freedom of speech. They shouldn’t be beaten down because they are homophobic, don’t support feminism, against BLM, ect. Just stick to your opinions because no opinion is wrong.


    • I am sorry, but I am going to have to disagree with that statement, in my opinion there is too much homophobia, and racism in this world. Why can’t people just get along? Who cares that someone was born with dark skin? Who cares that DNA made people like myself like the same gender? Some things are just not right. And stuff like that is better to keep inside.


      • The problem Gavin with today’s society is that as humans we have a natural tendency to stick with our “ingroup” and discriminate against others. While there are white people who are racist towards blacks, there are the reverse where blacks are racist to whites. This will never go away. I understand Persecution is a horrible thing and no one can go through exactly what you’ve gone through, but there will always be those kinds of people in the world. There will always be crime, murder, rape, and much worse things than harassment. If you don’t feel safe, you should be consulting someone about that and have people accept you for who you are.


  3. People are allowed to have their own opinions as long as they are not going up to people and harassing them. At the end of the day there are always going to be homophobic, racist, and sexist people. We don’t live in a perfect utopia.


    • Well, this can get to people, some gay or lesbian couples are scared to even hold hands in public because they are scared of being killed on the streets. Believe it or not, words can influence a ton. I’m not trying to be mean or anything, but I 100% disagree with that statement.


      • A majority of people support gay rights, if anything it’s the homophobic people being scared to share their opinion because they will get shamed on. What happened to the motto “Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me”? You can’t shut out people just because their opinions hurt your feelings.In the real world no one will care about your feelings being hurt. What happened to the 1st amendment? People can have what ever opinion they want and you have no right to shame them. Take a good look of reality for a second. Again, we don’t live in a utopia.


  4. I was never saying to take away freedom of speech, however, I do believe that language like this creates violence and violence comes with it. My point is if a homosexual couple was walking down the street holding hands and someone randomly “called them out” that is more than speech that is crossing the line of harassment…


      • This article is from so long ago, but also, I just wanted to say that you can´t experience the fear that I live with. You can´t be scared that someone is going to stab you randomly on the street because of the fact that you´re dating someone of the same sex. You can never really experience the type of fear that I have to go through. This is a problem that I think really needs to be corrected. You can never be in my shoes, so when you speak for us, I find it kind of just not good to put it in the nicest way as possible.


  5. I think that everyone is entitled to their own opinion whether some disagree with their opinion or not or whether their opinion is “Wrong” or “Right”, we live in a free country so if people want to be homophobic or sexist or racist they have the right to its called freedom, no matter how awful it is. No matter what you do to try to stop peoples opinions or thoughts, that is not always gonna work out people are entitled to that and its what makes the person they are although lots of people are getting better at not being so racist, homophobic, etc. its impossible to completely get rid of this and eliminate everyone’s thoughts an opinions. It is not necessarily right that gays should feel uncomfortable walking around and showing PDA because they feel unsafe and as if they feel like they are going “to be shot” and I think society will have to work on that as a whole but like I mentioned, if you think that society will get to a completely equal point then we are going to be waiting for a long long time. (please don’t come for me because of my grammar no one likes it)


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