New Trimester, Cougars Reply

cougar paw

Mia Grasse

Now that Thanksgiving break is over, we are officially in our second trimester here at Stacey Middle School.

There will be many new opportunities put in place for each and every student. Now that you’ve made it through one trimester, you will know what you need to improve and what you are already good at.

For some students, there will be a change in schedules and classes. Teachers will also have higher standards and expectations going into the new trimester. Remember, coming back from Thanksgiving break does not mean you get to talk in class; school will still be a time to work and a place to stay on task and focus.

Going into the new trimester remember this:

  1. You’re are two trimesters away from the end of the school year.
  2. The second trimester is always harder than the first.
  3. As long as you are working hard and trying your best on every assignment and test, you will most likely be successful throughout your middle school years.

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