Stacey vs Warner 5

Screenshot 2017-11-16 at 9.21.28 AM

Gwyndalynn Kent

That’s right Cougars, Stacey had another football game November 8th against Warner Middle School. Plenty of students showed up to support Stacey’s team.

The Stacey Football Team had been practicing and was positive that they would win. But, unfortunately, it was another loss to us. Warner beat our Stacey team with a score of 24-20. Better luck next time!


    • Warner SUCKS!

      They don’t have block schedule,

      they have a special assembly schedule,

      Science Honors exists there, +

      they don’t have an online newspaper.

      But they beat us in some things, like:

      having better football players,

      a more realistic looking school map,

      but the number of cons is greater than the number of pros, so yeah, Warner SUCKS!

      (P.S., some of this info I know because I looked at the Warner website.)


      • Another con of Warner is that that the classes are split at 6th period, meaning that in Warner, 6th period + lunches overlap, not 5th period.


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