What’s Going On In Staconia? (Nov. 13 – Nov. 17) 4


Kelsey Bisetti

Welcome! Welcome, welcome. Happy Hunger Ga– Whoops, wrong line.

Welcome to Staconia and, unfortunately, you may as well be in the Hunger Games this week. Want to guess why? That’s right: Benchmarks.

Make sure you study hard and eat a healthy breakfast each and every day. Don’t worry, though. Just do your best and I can assure you, you’ll be on fire.

In other news, Cougars for Christ is still open to new members. If you’re interested, the club will be meeting in District– Sorry, wrong again. This club meets in Room F-4.

Volleyball tryout are this week. Girls meet Tuesday out on the field, while tryouts for boys will be held on Thursday.

For those of you looking to purchase sweatshirts and T-shirts, make sure to turn in your order form to the student window by November 17th.

Well, that’s all for now, Staconians. Happy Hunger Games, and may the odds be ever in your favor!

P.S. You’re probably expecting a note about the Hunger Games, but honestly, there’s nothing special going on with that this week. I just wanted to do this for some random, inexplicable reason. But Thursday is The Great American Smokeout, which is meant to encourage smokers to quit for good. Support and encourage any family members or friends who are struggling with nicotine addiction.


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