Dyed Hair, Is it Fair? 9

Mia Grasse

Most people say it is unfair that we are not allowed to have dyed hair at school unless it’s a natural hair color. Some people say dyed hair is a way to express who you are. Others may say that bright colored hair can be distracting to others students learning and education.

According to, www.stapaw.com, ¨ Upon further study, over 120 high schools and colleges kicked out students with colored hair and even more placed students in In School Suspension (ISS).¨ Can you imagine being kicked out of college for having your hair dyed?

Another website, www.khmertimeskh.com, posts, ¨I don’t think hair highlighting should be banned in schools. It only changes one’s appearance, not one’s inner self.¨ Also, ¨Hair color doesn’t really tell others what kind of person you are, or how your studies are [progressing]. It´s just a part of how you decorate your life.¨ Let´s see what other people here at Stacey think.

When asked about the no dyed hair rule Ms. Walters stated, “I honestly don’t care what color a student’s hair is as long as they come to class prepared to learn.”

So is bright colored hair distracting to students in class? Emily Saldivar says,¨No because it´s school, and you come here to learn, so why does it matter what color your hair is?¨

Isabel Lesser was asked if she would like the hair dye rule to be removed and why? She said, “Sure, it can be removed because I think people would like to have their own personality when they dye their hair. and when Westminster School District has this rule, it prevents people from having their own sense of creativity.¨

As you can see, most people will say it is unfair to not be able to dye your hair because they feel it shows your creativity, style, and personality.

Answer the poll below with your opinion on the no hair dye rule.


  1. I’m a nerdy guy who always follows the rules, so I want to outlaw dying your hair altogether.


    • Well, it’s surprising that some people dye their hair anyone but don’t get caught. (Ahem…genetically engineered girl)


      • Some people find their way around that + dye their hair anyway.
        “Hair styles or colors that distract from learning or that present a safety hazard, such as hair that has been styled or colored in shades which are loud and/or distracting (i.e. spiked longer than 1 inch, purple, green, pink, etc.) Hair must be a natural color.” Taken from Student Handbook, in your planner.
        So dyed hair is ok as long as the color is natural, but I agree with you Kelsey, the rules are a bit strict.


  2. In these kinds of situations, I ask myself: “Do I really need this?” Yeah, hair color is cool, and I agree with you. It really shows the colors of your personality and paints a picture of who you are. But what do you think is a better way to show this? Hair color or Academic success and the bonds you share with your friends. If I had to choose, I would go with the latter.


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