So, Why Did Boo Grams Get Sold? 9

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Avalyn Walton

This year, AVID did something new for Halloween. Many of the students are already aware of the fundraiser AVID had last week, but in case someone wasn’t, Boo Grams were sent out this year. They were a fun little gift that almost all students enjoyed, but most students don’t even know the reason behind them.

AVID sold these Boo Grams to raise money for future AVID field trips.

Boo Grams officially were sent out October 31st, Halloween. AVID hopes to have raised enough to help them get a field trip to Chapman University, and maybe even UC Santa Barbara.

After counting all the money, the Boo Grams were a big hit, and AVID raised plenty, but not quite enough money to reach their goal. Still, the earnings will be contributed to the cause.

So, all the students who bought Boo Grams, whether they know it or not, were helping AVID towards the opportunity to see great colleges. Every dollar counts towards AVID getting college exposure.

Hopefully, the future AVID fundraisers will do even better. The money they have earned is definitely going towards a worthy cause. Thanks to everyone who bought a Boo Gram!  


  1. Just wait until the Jingle Grams come in the Christmas season.:) Great article Avalon!


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