Who Will be the Winner? Poll 7

Gwyndalynn Kent

The World Series is the annual championship between the best American League and the best National League baseball teams. The World Series first started in 1903.

This year, the World Series is between the Dodgers and the Astros. The very first game of the series was October 24th and the Dodgers won 3-1. On October 25th, the second game commenced and the Astros won 7-6. The next game was also an Astros victory 5-3. Game four was the Dodgers, 6-2. The Astros battled back with a victory of 15-13 for game five. Game six was another Dodger win at 3-1.

So there you have it. The series is tied at three games apiece. We are looking at a game seven. The winner of the game tonight, Nov. 1, will take the 2017 World Series and be the champions.

The Dodgers are part of the National League and the last time they participated in the World Series was 29 years ago. The LA Dodgers, formally known as the Brooklyn Dodgers were formed in 1883 in New York. The switched to the LA Dodgers before the 1958 season began. The colors of the Dodgers are blue and white.

The Astros are a part of the American League and the last time they participated in the World Series was seven years ago. The Houston Astros had been in the National League from 1962-2012. Their colors are navy blue, orange, and white. They became the first franchise in MLB history to win a pennant in both the National and American Leagues.

Who do you want to win the 2017 World series: The LA Dodgers or The Houston Astros?



  1. I am not a sports person, so I’m sad that there’s no “neither” choice.


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