What is Volleyball Club? 1


Mia Grasse

Volleyball Club started officially after school on Tuesday, Oct. 10th. Mr. Cota, the teacher who runs volleyball club, says, ¨We welcome all students who want an opportunity to just have fun, make new friends, and are interested in this sport.¨

Mr. Cota started this club last year because he saw a lot of interest from students at Stacey. Mr. Cota always welcomes new people to his club.

If you are interested, Volleyball Club meets Tuesdays and Fridays after school until 4 p.m. At Volleyball Club, Mr. Cota teaches new skills, drills, and arranges fun, non-competitive games.

Volleyball Club will be going on until November 8th and then start again in the spring. He has seen a lot of potential from the past year and hopes to educate these new players in the basic skills of volleyball.

Mr. Cota says, ¨We have had students that have come out for volleyball club and made the volleyball team.” So, if you want to learn more about the skills of volleyball, check out volleyball club this week after school.

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