The See’s Candies Fundraiser is Here! 6

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Katie Mills

That’s right, See’s Candies are back. Because the holidays are a perfect time, it is time to celebrate the holidays with a delicious selection of See’s Candies ready for holiday giving. Stacey Middle School’s PTSA is hosting yet another fundraiser that will benefit all of the Stacey students.

Candies range from delicious milk or dark chocolates, nuts and chews, assorted lollipops, peanut brittle, and even toffee-ettes!

The sale starts on October 23 and ends on November 9. Students can pick up their items the first week of December.

For every five items sold, students will receive Cougar Cash. The top selling student from each grade level will win a See’s Candy Gift Certificate and two movie tickets. Doesn’t that sound exciting?

Come join and tell friends and family so they are aware of the fundraiser. Don’t worry, prices are the same as they would pay in the actual store.

In homeroom, students should have been given a packet to fill out. It comes with a list of all the treats students can purchase and an envelope for the checks or money. Make sure to check off what is purchased with the customer’s name and phone number.

Make sure to collect money from the supporters when they order, and make checks payable to Stacey PTSA. Always check all quantities and monies collected are correct with the right amount.

Thanks to all of the Stacey Middle School students for making the PTSA fundraiser a success, and start selling and buying!


    • Do you want the school to get money? They have this for a reason.


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