Introducing (drumroll, please) Mr. Vu! 6

IMG_1531 (1)Alyssa Manson

Welcome our new teacher to our campus, Mr. Vu! Mr. Vu has been teaching in the district for two years. Before overtaking the duties of a Staconian teacher, he was a fourth-grade teacher at Webber. Prior to that, he was an elementary substitute.

Mr. Vu decided to switch to teaching at a middle school because he wanted to challenge himself. “I wanted to grow, all my education was focused on elementary. Being a middle school teacher is an opportunity for me to grow and learn,” he states.

Currently, he teaches sixth-grade honors language arts, regular sixth-grade reading and language arts, seventh-grade language arts and reading, and sixth-grade social studies. “Compared to elementary, it’s so different. I love the clubs, networks, activity, and all the staff! In elementary, there were one to two teachers per grade,” he reveals, “the network and interaction with the teachers are really cool. Seeing all these kids socially involved in activities is great!”

Before deciding to become a teacher, Mr. Vu had other ideas in mind. He was going down the route of becoming a lawyer. Along the way, he discovered that the profession wasn’t for him, as he proclaims, “I wouldn’t be happy doing it.”

That’s when he discovered teaching. “I love teaching. It’s rewarding. I don’t wake up in the morning thinking ‘ugh, I have to go to work today,’ I like doing it. It isn’t dreaded.”

Some of Mr. Vu’s most favored things to do are playing basketball, watching movies, hanging out with his family, and like many of us, occasionally, he likes to play video games.

Fun fact- Did you know Mr. Vu is an immigrant? He was not born in America. At four years old, he moved with his family to America. Many people didn’t notice or believe it because he has no accent and is fluent in English.

He attended UCI where he received his bachelor’s degree in Political Science. He spent two years before attending UCI at Orange Coast College. He got his credential at Cal State Long Beach.

Mr. Vu’s favorite quote is,  “I may not be able to create things, but I can do small things in a great way.’” Mr. Vu affirms I live by this quote. I may not be able to cure cancer, but I can do small things in a great way, like showing up to work every day, and teaching my students.”


  1. I know that Mr. Vu was a 4th grade teacher at Webber last year because my cousin kept me updated with what’s going on in Webber, + plus, he was my cousin’s teacher. People who went to Webber, you probably know that in the 2014-5 + 2015-6 years, Mr. Vu was Mr. Tracy’s student teacher.


    • I am also an immigrant but people don’t notice the accent because I started living permanently at the age of 5, so I don’t have that Asian accent. It only shows up when I speak Vietnamese! 😛


  2. Some girl tilted so much that it seems like she was about to fall. An extraordinary shot taken at the perfect time.


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