Anaheim Hills Burned to the Ground 2


Avalyn Walton and Maddie Fracassa

A wind-fed wildfire roared and blazed over Anaheim Hills early morning on Oct. 9th, forcing thousands to evacuate for their own safety. At least 7,500 acres of land have been burned down as well as several homes.

Not all residents evacuated. However, some fought to stay. These citizens watched over their houses during the fire, despite the dismay of the police who had heavily advised them to evacuate.

An example of this would be Marty Temple, a resident of Anaheim Hills, who was one of the citizens who chose to stay. While he was there, a trash can caught on fire. He, at first, tried to put it out himself but realized the small garden hose was too small. He then had to run down the street and get the firemen to put it out. If he hadn’t been there, the fire would have most likely burned the house.

Those who did evacuate were forced to find somewhere else to stay. This was troublesome for some of the residents. Barbara Temple, Marty Temple’s Wife,  did evacuate during the most dangerous time of the fire but returned to her residence later on. When she returned to her house, there were still hot spots.

The brave firemen who worked at the scene were very cautious and checked up around her house to make sure the hot spots did get put out. Barbara Temple even said that “the firemen are amazing!”

Residents, whether they evacuated or not, who returned to the scene had the unfortunate opportunity to see all the ash scattered everywhere and their homes damaged. However, some residents have still not returned.

As far as damage goes, there was quite a bit.  Twenty-four structures were completely lost to the fire, twenty-two had fire damage, and at least ten people were killed, making this the biggest fire to hit Orange in nearly a decade. 

Even through all the hardships, the people of Anaheim are staying strong. Hopefully, they won’t have to endure anything like this again anytime soon.


  1. Marty Temple has Trashcan’s last name. Soon after, a trash can caught on fire. LOL!


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