Why is it SO HOT? 10

hot weather

Alyssa Manson

It’s getting closer and closer to Halloween, and wait- isn’t it fall? When everyone brings out their boots and cozy jackets while curling up by the fire sipping a nice hot cup of Starbucks hot chocolate or hot apple cider? Well, you may want to reconsider.  Keep those sweaters tucked away because you probably won’t need them

Now, nothing says “fall” better than the sweet scent of fresh apples, cinnamon, and pumpkins. Though it’s fall, the temps missed the memo, and in some ways, that’s causing some problems for our apples.

The owner of Drazen Orchards in Cheshire states, “Things are ripening faster than you’d like them to. We’re not getting cold nights. It has slowed down business a bit, we weren’t as busy yesterday when it was almost 90.”

Now, 90 is hot. We’re not only getting a temperature of 90 degrees, but we’ve also been seeing temperatures rise above the hundreds. October 24, 2017, the weather in Huntington Beach reached 103 degrees by 3 PM.

Also, if you happened to look up the temperature online, there’s an excessive heat warning. It states “EXCESSIVE HEAT WARNING REMAINS IN EFFECT UNTIL 8PM THIS EVENING.” While some are dreading the heat, others are lovin’ it. Samantha Riley comments “I’d prefer to be hot than cold, so I don’t mind the heat. It feels pretty great.”

There are pros and cons to the weather we’ve been seeing. For example, some people are finally getting their tan on! That’s a nice benefit. Though, it also has a downside. Trees are loaded with apples that aren’t typically ready until a lot later in the season, which makes it harder for farmers to sell their product.

Now the big question is – why is it so hot? I mean the sun itself is sweating! Take a look up at the sky. Our weather has been influenced by high pressure which usually gives a lot of sunshine, and in some cases, hot temperatures like we’ve been experiencing.

Sounds like we might have a warm trick-or-treating this year, or maybe not depending on where you live. Ocean temperature patterns play a role in temperature, but they are not the only element influencing the weather. Global climate change also plays a role.

What is climate change? Climate change is when there is a long-term change in the Earth’s climate, especially a change due to an increase in the average atmospheric temperature. 2017 is currently on pace to be the second hottest year on record.

So whether we like it or not, we’re stuck with this weather for a bit longer. But hopefully, soon, it will begin to actually feel like fall.


  1. I remember yesterday, it was so insanely (really) hot, + I had to eat lunch in the MPR. I got no lunch break, + because of the loud noise, I thought the bell never rang. :/ 😦


  2. Hopefully, this isn’t the beginning of a Californian, American, or worldwide heat wave. :0 😦 :/


  3. You can’t look up in the sky to the sun because it will damage your eyes. Besides how can you tell if the sun is sweating? I would rather be cold than hot. Nice to feel the coldness on yourself.


    • Of course, don’t literally look up into the sky of course haha! And it was a joke. Of course the sun isn’t sweating. or is it? 🙂 i guess we’ll never know. 🙂
      have a great day!
      thanks for taking the time to read my article. It is very much appreciated!
      enjoy your october spooooky


  4. I can’t skip P.E because i have it in the mornings, where its not all that hot. 😦


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