Mrs. Debrittion’s Read all of our Goal Setting Essays 3

Mia Grasse, Gwyndalynn Kent, and Ashley Wolf

As most of you know, Goal Setting essays are very important at Stacey Middle School. They’re so important that Mrs. DeBrittion reads every one of them. At this point, every essay has been read and returned with comments.

Mrs. DeBritton loves reading every one of the essays and learning more about each of her students. She says she wishes she knew each of her students by name, but over 900 students are quite a lot of names to memorize.  Here are some tips to know if you did well;

  1. Grammar, punctuation, and spelling must be correct.
  2. Make the story interesting for Mrs. DeBritton.
  3. Tell her about yourself.
  4. Don’t add irrelevant information.
  5. Students who did their best ability should all be fine.

Mrs. DeBritton has read over 200 essays. She generally reads them by class so she can return them all together. She was able to read over 900 essays before the end of October.

Mrs. DeBritton is not a harsh grader. When you got your essay back, you saw everything she wrote on your paper. Sometimes she’ll just point out spelling and punctuation mistakes, other times she’ll compliment your work and comment on the interesting facts you wrote about yourself; she is never negative.

She loves seeing her students progress over the years. Mrs. DeBritton says she can definitely see the improvement in the 8th graders from when they first arrived here in sixth or seventh grade and wrote their essays. Although most essays then were at a middle school level, she sees now, they have exceeded that. Most eighth-grade essays are closer to high school level. 

For the eighth graders who are nervous about doing well academically in high school, as long as you keep up the effort, you should do great.


  1. I think it’s sad that originally, I forgot to input the career goal paragraph on my goal essay (called the Cover Letter for 8th graders)


  2. Dear morning announcements girls, you keep misspelling Mrs. DeBritton’s name. There’s only 1 i


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