Mr. Andrews, The Inspirational Math Teacher Reply

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Kevin Luu

Mr. Andrews, or otherwise known as Captain Awesome, was born in Aurora, Colorado. He used to teach at Clegg and Eastwood Elementary.

Mr. Andrews used to teach every subject and P.E. He especially loves teaching sixth and seventh graders. His parents and Orange County Professor Robert Reya inspired him to become a teacher.

He started teaching in the year 2000. He got his degree from the University of Southern California.

If students needed help in his class, he gives encouragement, tells students to go to extra tutoring and to use technology for help. Mr. Andrews states, “I like to teach and see students getting better and understanding everything, it feels rewarding to know that my students understand math.”

Also, he states that he “enjoys the mix of students in Stacey” and wants them to learn and get better. He loves seeing his students asking questions and being engaged in learning. He wants his students to use the resources around them, in and out of the Stacey campus.


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