What a Rush! 1

School News PicMariah Escatel

Stacey students were introduced to this school year’s clubs, some old and some new, during Club Rush on Wednesday, Oct. 4th.

As students finished eating lunch and exited towards the field to play, they had a chance to pick up a flyer with information for each club at the booths set up along the way.

“It was really cool. All of the clubs had a table with flyers. There were so many choices,” said eighth-grader Kira Temple.

While there were many familiar clubs to Stacey, there were also a few new ones. Dance Club, Anime Club, Peer Math Tutoring, Ukulele Club, NJHS (National Junior Honors Society), Garden Club, Girl Power, Archery Club, and Volleyball Club are some returning favorites. New clubs for 2017-2018 include CFC (Cougars for Christ), 100 Mile Club, Salsa Club, Rubics Cube Club, Gaming Club and Builder’s Club.

With such a variety of clubs available, the sky’s the limit!

One comment

  1. Leadership misspelled the word Ukulele. There are 2 “u”s + 2 “e”s in ukulele.


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