Come Learn About our Beautiful Earth in Garden Club! 1

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Katie Mills

Garden Club is a great opportunity for kids to play and mess around with dirt, grow plants, and learn more about our resources! It is for anyone who wants to come out and be in the sun and to get in touch with nature. Who knew that playing with dirt could help our ecosystem?

Last year, the students from Garden Club got to not only grow their own plants but sell them at different farmers markets throughout the year. The also sold succulents, different herbs, and much, much more.

Although Garden Club has already started with last year’s members, they will be accepting new members in October after Club Rush.

The advisor for Garden club is Mrs. Thach, and Mrs. Janssen usually helps out as well. Every Friday, students will meet at D3  from 2:45-3:45 whether it’s raining for shining. Come over and help our Earth!

We hope to see you there, Stacey Cougars!

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