What’s Going On In Staconia? 10/16 – 10/20 3

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Hello, Stacey Cougars!

It’s going to be a kind of slow week, but let’s just go over what will be going on.

Parent teacher conferences will be taking place after school all week. You’ll be released at 1:29 each day to give your teachers ample time to speak with you and your parents. This may be a good time to get on your teacher’s good side.

Don’t forget that Mrs. Doyle will be hosting Math Breakfast Club Tuesday and Thursday. If you have any questions about math, she’ll be there in the morning to help.

The Builders Club is still accepting applications for positions such as president, vice president, and secretary. A part of Kiwanis International, Builders Club is the largest service organization for middle school students, with more than 45,000 members worldwide. In case you haven’t heard, Builder’s Club organizes projects and does community service all over Westminster. It looks great on college applications and helps your community. Why wouldn’t you want to join?

That’s all we have set up for this week. Good luck at conferences!

P.S. This Saturday is National Sweetest Day. This day is meant to encourage generosity and… Well, sweetness. One of the most common markers of this day is gifting candy to friends and family. What’s your favorite candy?


  1. People, if you listened to the morning announcements, you’ll know that Mr. Olmscheid is hosting Math Breakfast Club, not Mrs. Doyle. Mrs. Doyle hosted MBC last year.


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