Get Dressed Up Stacey 3


Averi Farren

Halloween is creeping closer and here at Stacey we will have a Halloween dress-up day on October 31st. Come to school dressed in a costume and enter the costume contest at first and second lunch for a chance to win a prize. There will be different categories, so there will be multiple winners.

There will be a category for funny costumes. This category would be for those that enjoy laughing and being funny and want others to laugh with them, or at them. For this, options a tube of toothpaste, or some other sort of a punny costume works.

The second category will be for scary costumes. Students that like to make other people jump or scare them should enter this contest because they may win. For instance, options could be a scary mask or a black shadowy costume. However, no violence, profanity, or weapons are allowed.

The third category is for cute costumes. For those that feel like dressing up like a bunny or a dog for Halloween, this would be the perfect opportunity to dress as cute as a button and try to win this contest.

The fourth and final category is for group costumes, so get your friends together and decide what you are going to be. Some fun ideas for this category could be three blind mice, the Spice Girls, Powerpuff girls, maybe a scary idea could be an evil pair of twins.

Good luck Stacey students, and may the best costume win.


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