What’s Going on in Band? 3


Gwyndalynn Kent

Have you heard loud noises coming from the band room? Well, that makes sense because this year’s band students have gotten their instruments and are ready to play. Actually, you would only be hearing the advanced band students playing right now. All the beginning band students are learning posture, classroom etiquette, and how to hold their instruments.

The reason beginning band students aren’t learning how to play their instruments yet is because as Mr. Woodruff says, “It is difficult teaching the beginning band students because they come into this classroom with no knowledge about it.” But, throughout the year the advanced band students get to go to elementary schools and perform for the students who are going to come to Stacey next year.

Mr.Woodruff really does know his stuff too. He’s been teaching band classes for many, many years. Throughout those years he has found a love for all of the instruments he teaches. By the end of the year most of the time all the students know how to play one instrument, some even know how to play three.

Just imagine he has about two hundred and eighteen students, and by the end of the year, they all know how to play at least one instrument. Even some of his students agree.

One of his students said, “He is super nice and kind. He is an amazing teacher!”

It may be hard for the new students right now, but later in the year they will get better, and each of them will play an amazing role in their band class.

Band is a fun elective to have, and although it may seem boring right now, just wait until all of those students know how to play an instrument. It will be awesome!


  1. It’s not just advanced + intermediate, there’s also Wind, Symphonic Band, + Guitar which is 0 period + 1st period.


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