September Student of the Month 2

Avalyn Walton

The first student of the month for this year has come and gone, and many students have been recognized for their achievements in school. These students worked hard to prove themselves as the fabulous scholars that they are.

Teachers can only award one student per month so not many students will receive an award. Those who do receive an award should be proud of their diligent work.

If a student did not receive an award this month there are many more months to come, and there will be more opportunities to be awarded a student of the month. If any students are disappointed because they haven’t received an award, they should know that it is still a possibility.

It may be difficult, but there’s still plenty of time in the year to prove your work ethic to your teacher. Winning an award takes a lot of persistent effort. Just work hard, and remember that it’s not easy to win student of the month.

About this time next month, there will be a new group of proud students of the months, happy with their hard work and efforts. That is something we can look forward to in the future.


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