Mexico’s Been Shaken Up 3

Avalyn Walton and Maddie Fracassa

Disaster struck in central Mexico, an earthquake with an estimated magnitude of 7.1. People were shaken and tossed around for a good twenty seconds without stop on September 19, 2017. Between the earthquake and the related building damages, there were over 350 fatalities. However, the people of Mexico were not free from destruction yet. There was still much more in store.

Only twelve days later another earthquake struck, just off the coast of Chiapas. Surely giving the residents in Mexico quite a scare. Though, the more damaging of the two was certainly the first.

The tragic coincidence of the matter is that this first 2017 earthquake happens to have struck on the 32nd anniversary of the 1985 Mexico City earthquake. This previous earthquake killed around 10,000 innocent lives and ruined much more. The people in Mexico had held a national earthquake drill only two hours before the first 2017 earthquake struck.

The people of Mexico City are staying strong throughout all of this though, and hopefully, they will not have to relive the terrors of the 1985 earthquake ever again. However, with all the unpredictable natural disasters lately, how can anyone be confidently safe? Will California be next?The world may never know.  


  1. With the many hurricanes that happened in the past month, now this, it’s official: the world is ending.


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