Meet Miss Toler 11


Averi Farren and Mariah Escatel

Some students may know the new 6th, 7th, and 8th-grade science teacher Miss. Toler, but for those that do not, this article may help Stacey Middle School students to get to know her a little bit better.


Miss Toler was born on October 18th, so get ready to wish her a happy birthday. She went to school at Cal State Long Beach and has been teaching for 14 years now, but this is her first year at Stacey Middle School, so do not expect her to be a new gullible teacher. Her reason for choosing to work at Stacey Middle School is because her two sons attend a nearby elementary school, Schroeder.

WOW! I did not know that? Fascinating factoids about her

Miss Toler is crazy about marine biology and has a degree in it. She wants to hopefully create a marine biology elective here at Stacey Middle School. She even had hopes of having a Florida science trip.

One of her favorite things about her students is seeing the “excitement in their eyeballs.” Students should know that her biggest pet peeve is when they forget their materials.

What do her students think of Mrs. Toler?

When asked, “How would you describe Miss Toler?”, One of her seventh-grade students, Brian Lam, replied, “Miss Toler is a very, uh… excited and hilarious teacher. As she says um… when she gets tired, she starts to tell jokes. Her personality is very infectious.”

“She cares about the making sure her students completely understand the topic she teaches. I love that she always has time to answer a question. She even got me to now use my planner daily- for all my classes!”

Five words Mrs. Toler would use to describe herself

When asked if she had to use five words to describe herself she would say “Five words to describe me? I would say I am energetic, organized, firm but fair, silly, and playful.”

So far Stacey Middle School has welcomed Miss Toler with open arms, and many students greatly appreciate her ways of the teaching. So, Stacey, if you happen to see Miss Toler in the hallway walking to class go ahead and wave or say hello. She is very friendly, and she will not bite.



  1. Speaking of her, Grass, Trashcan, Omar, + Andy T. has her. (not me, I have Cleckler)


  2. i thought her biggest pet peeve is when students put their head down on the tables.


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