Hey, It’s Mr. Woodruff! 9


Caitlyn Timmons 

Gravity Alert! Mr. Woodruff is a well-known teacher here at Stacey Middle School. He is very devoted to teaching and spreading his love of music. This is his seventh year teaching at Stacey and is very excited for much more to come.

Mr. Woodruff first decided to be a teacher when he was in the fifth grade. “I find it fun to share what I truly love,” says Mr. Woodruff. “Enjoy what you are doing at the moment. Just let the future develop on its own.”

Playing over ten different instruments, his favorite by far is the guitar.

Mr. Woodruff was kind enough to let the Cougar Chronicle interview him. Here are some of the questions we asked him. Thanks, Mr. Woodruff!

Cougar Chronicle: How long have you worked at Stacey?

Mr. Woodruff: This is my 7th year.

CC: How many different instruments do you play?

W: About eleven.

CC: Anything coming up for the band program?

W: We are performing at the gym opening ceremony.

CC: Where did you get your training from?

W: I got private music lessons and trained at Fullerton and Cal State Long Beach.

CC: Who inspires you to be a better teacher?

W: The students.

As you can see, Mr. Woodruff is an inspiring teacher and loves all of his students. Have a wonderful and productive day, Stacey Cougars!


  1. I was supposed to have Band 3rd period this year. 😦 I got a schedule change + now I have Technology 6th period with Mrs. Kleen.


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