Be Cautious of Construction 5


Avalyn Walton

All of the students at Stacey Middle School have known about the construction for quite some time. However, not all of them know the hazards of construction. There are protocols that the construction workers have to follow to ensure everyone’s safety, but have the workers at Stacey been following them?

The workers at Stacey Middle School are supposed to water the dirt every day to make sure it doesn’t blow up and away. Unfortunately, they haven’t always been doing that. They’ve been forgetting to water the dirt every day. This could be a potential hazard, especially when you take into consideration how windy it’s been lately.

Some dirt can blow up and onto the Stacey Middle School campus, especially around the P.E. area. So, students of Stacey Middle School, be careful when you’re doing P.E., especially to those with asthma, try not go too heavy on the exercise. Stay safe Stacey Middle School students.


  1. if you were me, having PE right after lunch and breathing in the dirty air when you have asthma, you will definitely wouldn’t feel great 😛


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