Ask Sam: What’s so honorary about it? 4

Dear Sam,

I have been placed in an Honors Language Arts and Reading class this year. I was elated at the start, but soon after I fell into horrendous overwhelming stress! Although I’m in honors this year, last year I hadn’t been placed in it, so I feel like the teacher expects us all to have this set of critical thinking skills. I’ll tell you one thing; dropouts lately don’t have those skills! I am always confused and stressed. I’m not sure if I was meant to be in the class or not. I don’t want to leave now because there has been a massacre of dropouts lately, I don’t want to be a quitter. Get me out of this jelly jam, Sam.


Sorrowful student

Dear Sorrowful Student,

Your situation is completely understandable. It’s probably similar to those who dropped out of your honors class. Perhaps you need to start asking for help, not advice, but actually, help on the prompts or projects. If you’re confused, as simple as it may seem, ask a question. Give the teacher a chance before you just leave like that. Also, make sure she or he knows that you aren’t familiar with the honors criteria. Perhaps it will be clearer to him or her why you’re asking for so much help. One major problem for practically all honors students is their work habits. If you suffer from the habit of procrastination, maybe that’s what’s causing your stress. The teacher gives you two weeks for a reason. A project with a two-week deadline cannot be done in a mere three days. Lastly, there is a small chance you truly don’t learn at that level of high thinking. Although this symptom is rare, you were chosen for a reason. Something to remember is, a middle school student should be spending more than 60-90 minutes on homework daily. You need to do what makes you happy. It’s understandable if you are a college student, but a middle schooler should be able to spend time with family and friends or complete afterschool activities. All in all, try to stick it out and understand that getting a B on a test isn’t a bad grade, and a 3.5 isn’t a bad GPA. I truly hope that helped and hope that you can pass the exam to get out of this jam.



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