Irma Strikes 2

Screenshot 2017-10-08 at 4.04.47 PM.png

Madelyn Fracassa and Avalyn Walton

From August 30th until September 16th Irma killed over 120 innocent people with its fatal winds and deadly waves. With winds reaching 185 mph, Irma was no laughing matter. A countless amount of lives were ruined, and many homes were completely obliterated.  

Irma devastated many lives, including Robin Charrasse, who lives on St. Martin, an island in the Carribean. Robin Charrasse was in Irma’s direct path of destruction.

Most people would think that with Irma’s strong forces his house would be ruined. Fortunately, though, it was not. “Our roof was one of two roofs to stay on in the neighborhood. We are so lucky,” stated Robin Charrasse.  All other roofs were damaged heavily, leaving many houses uninhabitable.

“90% of homes have been damaged and 60% uninhabitable, and of course the looters are adding to the terror,” Lucy, Robin’s sister stated.

St. Martin needs military support because there are loose criminals that escaped from jail. Any hopes of true safety for those affected are quickly vanishing. “My brother hasn’t had time to communicate with us much because the dangers going on with the looters, armed and dangerous they are entering businesses and homes trying to take everything they can, this is so heartbreaking,” Lucy announced on her social media page.

She also heard from Michael Maidwell (a friend on the island ) that there are “Looters on the streets with machetes and guns taking everything they can, cars, computers, everything. This is obviously not the kind of looting I referred to yesterday, I was talking about food. Please keep your families safe and secure and ready for a possible hit by Jose. Take care of you and yours!”

“We heard from my brother, he is alive and not hurt as well as my niece and family in law,” stated Lucy.

This is just the start of hurricane season, and yet many have already lost so much just like Lucy and her family. Anyone who lives in a hurricane-prone area should make sure to be prepared for the next hurricane.


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