Huntington Beach Airshow 3

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Gwyn Kent and Ashley Wolf

It’s a bird; it’s a plane; it’s the HB Airshow! Saturday, October 29th, and Sunday, October 1st  Huntington Beach held the Breitling Air Show. This was the second time Huntington Beach has hosted the airshow. This year blew last year’s show out of the water. There were 13 performers. Here is some information about our favorites.

This Airshow, as you know, only happens twice a year. During the show, there are many planes, but there are also people who jump out of those planes. The Black Daggers are a crew of parachute jumpers. At the airshow, they are normally one of the first acts to perform, and when they do perform they jump over the crowd. In order to see them, you have to look right above you. The parachute team of the US Army Special Operations Command also perform two jumps. One is the show opening flag jump and the other is their unique combat gear jump.

The Blue Angels were definitely a crowd pleaser. The group of six planes flew by each other close enough to touch. They did crazy flips and flybys, at crazy speeds. Their fastest speed is 700 miler per hour! People on the beach watched the planes fly up into the air leaving a trail of smoke then free-fall back down, right as they were about to hit the water, they fly back up into the air shocking the crowd. The group got its name when preparing for a show in New York in 1946. They couldn’t decide on a name, and one of the pilots came across the City’s Famous Blue Angel Night Club in a Magazine.

Another performer was a Pitts S-1 biplane sponsored by Lucas Oil and flown by Michael Wiskus. This plane was small compared to the other planes but it was a great performer. Wiskus has been flying for 26 years, and he loves his job. He found his love for airplane stunts when his dad took him to his first airshow in his home state of Idaho, at age ten. When he was 14 he rode his bike to the airport every day for two weeks and begged the airport owner to give him a job washing the airplanes. You could say he was destined to be a stunt pilot.

The Canadian Forces SnowBirds were amazing! When performing, the Snowbirds fly at speed of 100 knots (115 mph) and 320 knots (370 mph). Fun fact, The Snowbirds were the first aerobatic in the world to use music when performing in shows. The  Snowbirds were some really loud planes, so many people were even covering their ears. The Snowbirds were one of the main events of the show.

Remember this airshow only happens once a year, so if you didn’t see it this year, watch it next year because it is definitely a sight to see.

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