There Was a Luau, At The Aloha Dance! 8

Gavin Mercado

Sometimes school can be stressful. Homework, quizzes, projects, and even sometimes your elective! Summer was a break from all the stress of school, and I am sure everyone enjoyed their summer of 2017. However, summer is gone and we are already on our second month of school.  So to remind us of all the fun, there was the Aloha Dance.

The dance took place in the MPR (Multi-Purpose Room) on Wednesday, September 27th. To get into the dance students needed to have purchased a PTSA membership. The cost of the membership was $10. Many students attended the event. Before the dance started there was a huge line of students!

Once all backpacks and Chromebooks were safely stored in the library, the dance began with laser beams, projections, fog machines, and even a DJ!

During the dance, there were many activities. The Cha Cha Slide dance group performed. There were also song requests! Once students tired from dancing they could have bought an ice-cold water outside to chill out. After cooling off, students went back inside to have more fun!

When the dance was ending, the DJ played one last song. Then the whole 200-300 student crowd rushed out of the MPR, and back to the library. Everybody grabbed their things and quietly left.

The Aloha Dance was a success for the school and PTSA.

Be sure to come to the One Snowy Night Dance coming this winter to have some more fun on the dance floor!


  1. Did you people forget about Fall Fest? If you’re new to Stacey, you put your backpacks in Mrs. Dandridge’s room, buy food + drink in various booths near the H building, + go watch a movie out in the PE field(parents + other relatives are allowed) It’s in the beginning of November.


    • Well in 6th grade, we watched a movie in the amphitheater. And food and drinks were in the MPR. I didnt go last year tho, i was busy.


  2. “Sometimes school can be stressful. Homework, quizzes, projects, and even sometimes your elective!”

    yeah true. especially yearbook -_-


    • My elective is never stressful, partly because I never picked it. It’s sometimes stressful when I do assignments, with not much time. That’s what happened on Monday, + I had to finish an assignment during lunch. It’s also stressful when I’m slow packing up. The only exception is Math, because it’s my last class (Math 8A Phan 7th/8th periods)


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