Ready, Set, Goal! 7

Averi Farren

Attention Stacey!

The whole week starting October 16th students will be dismissed early at 1:29 pm for our Goal Setting conferences.

All students will meet with either their homeroom teacher or another teacher to discuss their progress and their goals for this current year.

This is a mandatory meeting for all parents and students.

Students attend with their parent and will bring their backpack and their planner with them to the conference to discuss their goals.


  1. 10/16-19, you’re on Wednesday schedule.
    10/20 + 21, you’re on a special schedule called Block Modified Schedule in which you still have odd + even periods, but you will still get out at 1:29.
    If any of you want to get a copy of the Block Modified Schedule, go to the student window + ask the available woman for it.


    • Speaking of the Block Modified Schedule, I have it!
      Block Modified Schedule
      Period 9(0 period) 7:30-8:10
      Homeroom 8:15-8:23
      Period 1 or 2 8:23-9:28
      Period 3 or 4 9:32-10:37
      1st lunch 10:37-11:11 Period 5B or 6B 11:15-12:20
      Period 5A or 6A 10:41-11:46 2nd lunch 11:46-12:20
      Period 7 or 8 12:24-1:29
      0 period is 40 minutes long, like always
      All of the other periods are 65 minutes (1 hour 5 minutes) long.
      Lunches are 34 minutes long.



    • Correction: 10/16-18 you’re on Wednesday schedule, 10/19 + 20 you’re on Block Modified Schedule.


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