Eureka!!! 5

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Madelyn Fracassa

Eureka! Eureka! We found some campers that went to Eureka camp, Jamie Alvarez, and Nicole Hageman. 

Before we start getting into the juicy details, let’s start with what Eureka camp is. “Eureka camp is a program run by Girls Inc.,” said Jamie Alvarez an 8th grader at Stacey.

“It is a little camp where girls have a chance to learn new things, socialize, and make friends with other girls.,” said a 7th-grade student at Stacey, Nicole.

Eureka camp is a day camp over the summer. It started on July 10th and ended August 4th. It took place at Orange Coast College, in Costa Mesa.

Someone that is interested might ask, how do I get into Eureka camp? Well, some schools give out scholarships like Stacey did for Jamie and Nicole. If you don’t get a scholarship you’ll need to pay and sign up.

At Eureka camp, girls learn about different things and have different experiences. Jamie’s favorite thing to do at camp was to “…go to Knott’s Berry Farm because it was my first time, exciting, and it was fun to hang out with my friends…”

Nicole’s favorite thing to do was go on field trips as well. Her favorite field trip was when she went to California Adventure because she got to go “… on rides and have fun with her friends.”

Jamie and Nicole both feel it has changed their life. Jamie states “ I have more friends now, and it makes me feel special when people care about me.” Nicole feels like it changed her life for the better because she got to socialize and share her feelings with others.  

Not everything was, so gold in Nicole’s Eureka camp experience. Nicole said that, “there were bullies at Eureka camp,” and that she didn’t feel she quite fit in because of them. No matter how hard Eureka camp instructors could’ve tried there will always be bullies, people are people and you can’t change that.

Eureka Camp is designed to be a fun camp for all girls to become more confident, try new things, and meet new people. Eureka Camp does have its downs like the bullies, but those are just people and there are new people every year.

Eureka Camp may be able to change your life just like it did for Nicole and Jamie.


  1. Oh, so this is why Grass walked into G2A 1 day to talk about something with Nicole in it.


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