Is It Time for Club Rush Already? 16

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Katie Mills and Caitlyn Timmons

Is it time for Club Rush already?

Clubs are a very important aspect of a student’s middle school career. After middle school, they may not remember what Language Arts class they were in or their Math teacher’s name, but they will most likely remember all of the fun times they had and all of the great friends they made while being apart of a club.

Maybe a dance club or a program for a student’s specific needs and interests may quench their thirst for a great year. Well, Club Rush is the perfect event to find out what you can do as a Stacey cougar.

Club Rush will be happening during lunchtime on Wednesday, October 4th. The student leadership will be advertising all the clubs that they’re trying to get up and running. Students can see a list of the clubs on the Stacey website.

Furthermore, students can also go around to the different tables to pick up flyers about the name of the club, what the club has to offer, the purpose of the club, and when it meets. That way, it’s just an advertising PR opportunity for students to find out what’s going on and what club they can join if they’re interested.

A few new clubs that are coming to Stacey include the Builder’s Club (a community service club), a Gaming Club, a Rubik’s Cube Club, CFC (Cougars for Christ), and a new and improved version of the Dance Club.

All of these clubs have been started by students of our very own!

For more information on these clubs, make sure to come and support Stacey’s students with Club Rush!


    • hahahahahha ususally i get excited for a new phone, not things like club rush. ehaskfdnxml


  1. Dear Katelyn aka Katie, you are not as glamorous + famous as you + Mr. Yohn think.


      • You really can’t make me, Katelyn aka Katie. I know more people than you in this school, Katelyn aka Katie. I know students from 6th-8th, especially the ones coming from Webber.


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