What in Tarnation is this Thing?! 9

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Brian Lam

The devastating 2017, category-3 Atlantic hurricane, notoriously known as Hurricane Harvey, brought many sorrows to the Southern and Eastern parts of the United States. Although destructive and costly requiring tens of billions of dollars for the area to recover, the hurricane also brought many mysteries. 

One of these involves a dead aquatic creature that washed up on the shores of Texas. Social media blew up with pictures of this sharp-fanged creature lying dead on the shores of Texas City, Texas.

While walking along the deserted beaches of Texas City, Preeti Desai encountered what to her looked like a large, dead rat. Curiously, she walked up to the mysterious creature only to figure out it was the carcass of a dead animal she was unfamiliar with. 

Almost immediately, she took pictures of the dead remains and posted it on social media with the caption, “What the heck is this?” The anonymous creature appeared to be faceless, had fang-like teeth, and was approximately one meter in length. Twitter erupted with reposts of Preeti Desai’s discovery along with their inferences of what this organism may be.

Many people have made assumptions about this creature’s identity. Experts have decided to classify it as some sort of eel, but others conclude that this organism has just not been analyzed yet. They state, “Scientists know more about space than they do their own oceans.” 

Adam Summer, an aquatic science professor at the University of Washington, claims, “This creature is unidentifiable due to its body and head shape, the remnant of skin coloration, its teeth, and the shape of its jaw.” 

Dr. Kenneth Tighe, a biologist who worked at the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History,  believes that it is either a fang-toothed snake-eel, a garden eel, or a conger eel, as these three species of eels have mouths plentiful of fang-like teeth and dwell near the coast of Texas. Although they are experts, they can only make assumptions; the identity of this creature still remains a mystery.


  1. kinda looks like a pig or a REEeeeeeeeeAAAAAAAAALLLLLY long rabbit. oof


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