The Myth of the Dancing Zombie Teacher 6

image1Ashley Wolf

Is there a teacher that is a world traveler, dancer, and a zombie? Yes, and her name is Mrs. Valverde, our school’s Spanish teacher! Don’t worry, she isn’t a real zombie, but she played one on a zombie show. And that isn’t even the start of the crazy things she has done.

She has been to multiple countries including Egypt, Germany, Poland, Holland, and even a couple more. Even after going to all these places, she still really wants to go to Greece.

One of her favorite places in the whole world is, of course, her hometown of Westminster. Her family has lived here for a long time, even her great-grandparents lived here. She loves her community and is very involved.

One of her favorite quotes is one from her great-grandfather ”Always give back to the community that raised you.”  Two other quotes she loves are, “Be the change you want to see in the world,” and “Don’t just talk about, do it,” Which are good words to live by if you want to be a teacher.

Mrs. Valverde always wanted to be a teacher, but she never planned on being a Spanish teacher. Now she has been teaching for thirteen years and has also been dancing for thirteen years. She also teaches reading and language arts, AVID, and leads the dance and anime clubs after school, so if you want to hang with this cool Spanish teacher, you should join one of her clubs or classes.


  1. Actually, Holland isn’t the correct the name for the country. The real name is the Netherlands, but people sometimes call it Holland because 2 provinces have Holland in their name + most Dutch websites come from those provinces.


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